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Laughter is known as the best medicine. As the most awaited day is coming near we have decided to put out some funny quotes which will put a smile on your face. These funny quotes are not only profitable for you but you can also send them to your partner or crush because as of a study Girls are known to be likely more interested in boys with a more comedic sense of humor. The study also shows that reading out a funny thing reduces stress. So these valentines share these funny quotes with your loved ones so they can get rid of some stress in this busy world. These quotes are very funny to read which you can see down in this post as we have posted the quotes below. Don’t forget to share these with your friends also because who knows that it may help them this valentine in proposing their loved one.

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Happy Valentine’s Day Quotes

Happy Valentine’s Day Quotes Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate with your loved ones to show your love. This day is celebrated on 14th February. People plan different activities to celebrate this day. They send gifts, chocolates, roses, and many other things. Usually, Red and Black are considered the theme of this day.  People […]