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As every day is passing by the much-awaited Valentine day is also coming closer to us. Valentine’s day is celebrated in the memory of Saint Valentine. Valentine’s day is a day associated to love. People from all over the world give their loved ones gifts, roses, cards to express their love. Mostly boys and girls give each other things. Valentine’s day’s week starts from 7th February and ends on 14th February, which is valentine’s day itself. It has many interesting days in between them like rose day, teddy day, chocolate day. It is mainly for boyfriends and girlfriends which you can assume by looking at the days which are specified for them. This valentine doesn’t wait anymore, express your feelings to your lover, for this, we have specially designed images with quotes which can help you a lot more because they can convey your message in a very special way. The images are posted below, so don’t wait anymore and send them right now.

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